Do you struggle with fatigue, anxiety, lack focus and have difficult sleeping ?

Breathwork is a simple , effective way to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.

When I was in my early twenties I frequently suffered from feelings of dizziness and anxiety. By the age of thirty i hit breaking point. I decided to start practicing yoga on a one to one basis and was amazed at how grounded and calm I felt after connecting with my breath. For me this is far more important than the postures. Most of the postures we see today in yoga classes were designed by the west to aid meditation. Yoga is so much more than the shapes we make on the mat.

Voila! I deliver one to one or small group workshops on how to breathe to aid wellbeing. When we are stressed our breathing becomes shallow and short which contributes to us feeling jittery and in our head.

Did you know that just 10 minutes of concentrated deep breathing reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in our systems and allows us to feel more relaxed. Imagine what an hour can do ? In my experience as a body worker Breathwork is the most powerful thing we can do as part of our self care routine and once we know how it’s free and can be accessed whenever we feel overwhelmed.

So what are you waiting for book a session with me today and find out how good you can feel by just tapping into your breath.

One to one breathwork session 1 hour £45

I also offer group sessions either at Rownhams house or at your workplace or home at the rate of £100 ( 4 or more ) per hour.

Lavender eye pillows and sumptuous bolsters included.