10 Years after my initial opening and introduction to the yoga world I embark on my first teacher training study session this weekend. To say I am excited is an understatement. Saturday at 1pm I shall be sat cross legged ( hips slightly more relaxed) in the same beautiful room that i stepped into back in 2004. I still can’t get my head round the fact that potentially in 18 months time I will be the “Teacher” and will be sharing my evergrowing knowledge of this ancient and wonderful art.

I played at yoga in my 20’s but it was in my thirties that i truly connected. Spirituality found me, or i chose spirituality . Anyway one of the two, practicing yoga took on a deeper meaning. It wasn’t just about the stretches or even obtaining a peaceful state of mind, it was more a process of letting go, nudging into the crevices of the body, mind and soul, edges that before i found a bit uncomfortable to look at or delve into. I started thinking i want to explore these areas, however scary. I want to accept all parts of myself, not just the happy, joyful, safe and light parts but also the darkness, the anxiety and the pain.

Our muscles have memories within their structure. We accumulate alot of emotional stuff not only within the brain and heart but also in our soft tissues. The softness of these tissues becomes rigid and tense. As a massage therapist i ease out these contractions by using Aromatherapy, deep muscle work and by increasing the blood circulation to the affected area. More oxygen then flows through the system creating a more energetic and calm body and mind. Everytime i step on to my yoga mat I breathe a sigh of relief that for the next 20,40, 60 minutes i will be letting go of something. The more we let go the lighter our lives become. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can have a profound effect on our well being. Life’s obstacles become challenges we embrace and we gain more equanimity of mind.

I wonder what this weekend will bring? Possibility, oooodles and oooodles of possibility and isn’t that just great!