My yoga journey started around 20 years ago. I always believed it was just about being flexible and making shapes on a yoga mat but after a sad life event I connected to something deeper within my practice. 

My classes are not just about the postures ( asanas) because yoga has many dimensions as we do as humans. I hope to guide you to something deeper within yourself. This becomes living yoga. Yoga for me is simply the stripping back of the unreal to reveal your true nature. It’s about becoming your authentic self, an inner exploration. 

Vana yoga combines breath, movement, meditation and deep rest to enable you to explore deeper aspects of yourself. 

I consider myself a deep practitioner of yoga and an intense yoga teacher training course has led me to teach a holistic and restorative blend of yoga fortnightly at Rownhams house, at workshops and retreats. I truly believe in the power of simple but effective yoga practices to find deeper healing and connection with ourself. Come and feel the Vana vibe. 

I am passionate about bringing people together on a journey to deep inner wellbeing that can be experienced on a deeper level by creating a nourishing and restorative space for people to support one another on their life’s journey. 

My classes are super friendly, breath focused, warm, non judgemental and EVERYONE is welcome.

Classes are held fortnightly on Monday evenings 6.30pm and 7.50pm Rownhams Coach House – £10 per person